Hammer King

Founded in 2015 by thy majesty, the Hammer King. The band comprising Titan Fox V (ex-ROSS THE BOSS), Dolph Aidan Macallan (ex-SALTATIO MORTIS), “Kleveland’s most timeless guitarist” Gino Wilde and is completed by the mighty Günt von Schratenau (THE NEW BLACK).

Through their traditional Heavy Metal, HAMMER KING spread the messages and legends of their royal name giver.

The songs are designed for live concerts: catchy, anthemic and instant sing-alongs.

The radical concept of HAMMER, KING and HAMMER KING opens up to every audience with lightning speed.

HAMMER KING’s fourth album was released in early 2021.

Like all previous albums it was produced in Studio Greywolf (Charles Greywolf, Powerwolf) and mastered by Jacob Hansen ( Grammy Award nominated producer & mix engineer).

The fifth album “Kingdemonium” was released in summer 2022 and reaches #17 in the german Album Charts.